MCD Certification and Allowance Form Drop Box

The MCD Certification and Allowance Request Form is required to initiate and re-certify annually (by December 31 of each year) an employee’s eligibility and approval to receive an employer-paid allowance for business use of their personal mobile communication device (MCD), or to receive a university owned MCD to be used for business purposes only.

Requests must be submitted prior to the 15th of the current month to receive the allowance payment for the current month. If you do not receive an allowance payment within 60 days of submitting your request, contact immediately to discuss. Retroactive allowance payments will not be allowed.

Prior to accessing the drop box, complete all sections of the MCD Certification and Allowance Request Form, obtain the appropriate signatures on the form, and obtain a copy of the current bill from your mobile carrier.   Prepare and scan the document into an electronic format.