Merchant Services Procedures:

GA-CM-MS-01   Merchant Services Statement of Procedure

GA-CM-MS-02   Applying for a Merchant Account

GA-CM-MS-03   Merchant Funding

GA-CM-MS-04   Changing an Existing Merchant Account

GA-CM-MS-05   Deactivating a Merchant Account

GA-CM-MS-06   Disposal of Point-of-Sale Terminal

GA-CM-MS-07   Maintaining PCI Compliance

GA-CM-MS-08   Merchant Account Assuming Cost & Fiscal Responsibilities

GA-CM-MS-09   Retention & Truncation

GA-CM-MS-10   Establishing an eStore for Sales and Services

Reconciliation Procedures

Segregation of Duties

Credit Card Fees

Glossary of Credit Card Fees

Excessive Chargeback Fees