New Enhancements to the Travel Center & Policy Updates


Travel Center Enhancements

Three major travel enhancements have been added to the Travel Center.  Please review Travel Center Enhancements for May 2016 for details.  The enhancements include:

  • Late Entry Justification.  A new comment field has been added to the travel reimbursement page.  This field will appear if the traveler has entered a reimbursement greater than 60 days past the travel end date.  The traveler will be required to enter a justification to document the reason why the travel reimbursement is being filed late.
  • Comment History.  Multiple comments can now be saved and retrieved through the new Comment History link
  • Blanket Travel Authorization.  A Blanket type authorization has been added to the travel authorization page  and may be selected from  travel on a routine and repeating basis and generally for similar activities which make it impractical to obtain specific trip approvals.  The travel authorization should be entered on a fiscal year basis with effective dates from July 1st – June 30th for domestic travel only.  See attached guideline for additional details

Travel Policy Updates

Updates were made to the travel policy document Travel Requirements for University Employees.  Review May 2016 Changes to Travel Requirements for University Employees for full details policy changes.

Please contact Kim Kelley,, or Terressa Yeakle Best,, if you have any questions.




May 2016 Changes to Travel Requirements for University Employees

Travel Requirements for University Employees