Employee Verification Report


NC State sends a file to the Social Security Administration (SSA) at the end of each quarter that contains information for each employee who has been paid wages during that calendar year. This information includes each employee’s name (first, middle and last), Social Security number, date of birth and gender.

The SSA compares the information from NC State to what the SSA already has on file then sends NC State a report with any exceptions or differences. It is the responsibility of NC State to do the research and confirm whose information is correct. The SSA assigns a code to each employee’s record that appears on this report. The codes are:

  1. Social Security number not assigned to anyone.
  2. Name and date of birth match; gender code does not.
  3. Name and gender code match; date of birth does not.
  4. Name matches; date of birth and gender code do not.
  5. Name does not match; date of birth and gender code not checked.
  6. SSA did not verify the Social Security number NC State provided; instead, SSA verified another Social Security number.

For code 1, 5 and *, the NC State personnel representative should:

  • Ask to see the employee’s Social Security (SS) card to assure that NC State records are correct (tip: Check to see if a typographical error was made when keying the information.)
    • If NC State records do not match the SS card and the SS card is correct, make the correction in the HR system.
    • If the Social Security number and name shown on the SS card match NC State records (which means that the information that the SSA has is incorrect), provide a personalized copy of the Correcting Your Social Security Record (pdf) form to the employee.

For reasons 2, 3 and 4, the NC State personnel representative should:

  • If the information in the HR system is incorrect, make the correction in the HR system.
  • If NC State information in the HR system is correct, provide the employee with a personalized copy of the “Correcting your Social Security Records” form.

NC State personnel representatives should please email the payroll department with the actions taken to correct the information. Be sure to identify the appropriate CDC number.

Personnel representatives need to keep all original documentation in permanent files. If the SSA imposes a penalty, then the personnel representative will need to provide copies of this documentation to try to abate the penalty.