FAQs for Correcting Social Security Records


What should I do if the employee says he has an SSN card but no card can be produced?

Ask the employee to provide his/her name EXACTLY as it appears on the SSN card, otherwise the employee may not receive the proper credit for his/her earnings when he/she files for Social Security benefits at retirement. Also tell the employee that he/she needs to download the Form SS-5 from the above-referenced website and mail or take it to the local SSA office to request a duplicate card.

After an individual has been hired, the employer may use the SSN Verification phone program to verify any name/number. To verify up to 5 names/SSNs, call the SSA toll-free phone number (for employers) (800-772-6270) between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on weekdays. Before you call, be sure to have our Employer Identification Number, the employee’s name, SSN, date of birth and gender.

Note that you cannot check numbers randomly. You must be consistent with all employees.


We plan to require employees to provide a copy of their social security card when they pick up their checks. Is this permissible?

We cannot require a person to provide a copy of their card, but we can request a copy. If they will not provide a copy, they are required to verify that the information we have is correct and matches their card.


What do I do if the EVS report comes back showing that the social security number the employee provided is not assigned to anyone (and I have a copy of the card on file)?

You must advise the employee that he/she needs to contact the Social Security Administration and apply for a valid number immediately. The person needs to get a receipt from SSA showing that the number has been applied for. Both the receipt and the new card should be given to the Department and copied for the department’s files

If the new card or receipt have not been received within two weeks, then the supervisor must advise the employee that he/she will be unable to continue employment without a valid card. Supplying a valid social security number is a requirement of employment and the supervisor will need to contact Employee Relations.


What do I do if the employee no longer works for NC State?

If the employee no longer works for NC State, then first check the individual’s permanent file to see if we keyed information incorrectly on our PS records. If this is the case, then you can correct our files. If our files match the EVS mismatch sheet, then you need to contact the individual at his last known address and advise him/her about the mismatch.

If they send documentation that our records are incorrect, we can also change our records.

If our records match the individual’s information, we need to contact him/her and send instructions for changing SSA’s records. This is important because if our records do not match SSA’s, the individual may not be getting the correct wage credit at the SSA. Also, if they file for benefits, the correction will need to be made prior to receiving benefits. It is better to have it corrected prior to that time to avoid a delay in receiving benefits.

Please note: The information shown on the mismatch sheets is the information from our files that was submitted to SSA. The SSA indicates why the information does not match their records.