Final Paycheck Deductions


An employee’s final paycheck may be reduced for the following reasons:

  • Recover the cost of University property, such as equipment, uniforms, tools or other items owned by the University and not returned to the University at the time of separation
  • Overdrawn annual, adverse weather or sick leave or other financial obligation to the employing agency arising out of the employment relationship.
  • You may NOT make a reduction for failure by the separated employee to perform one or more job responsibilities or other work-related acts prior to separation.


Processing Rules

To request that a deduction be made to recover the cost of University property, the department must submit a Final Paycheck Deduction Request to University Payroll and the employee, in advance. With the exception of December (which is always early), submit the memo to University Payroll by the 10th of the month.

Overdrawn leave must be entered by the department into Time & Labor.  See Overdrawn Leave Processing.