New Pay Coordinators


Departmental Payroll Coordinators (DPO’s) are the liaisons between the employees within campus departments and the University Payroll Office (UPO). Some of the responsibilities that Payroll Coordinators have are:

  • Serve as a “front line” guide to direct new employees to Employee Self Service and pertinent websites. When employees do not have access to a computer and therefore can not access Employee Self Service DPO’s will need to act as resource for distribution of paper forms.
  • Safeguard and distribute printed pay advices and W-2 forms.
  • Disseminate important payroll information to the department’s employees that UPO distributes through memorandums and the HR Connections listserv.

In addition, many payroll coordinators also serve as the department’s personnel representative and are therefore responsible for the entry of all information in the Human Resources system, such as job actions, personal data, time records and additional pay.

Payroll Workshop

At various times throughout the year, the Payroll Office conducts a workshop titled “Payroll Services – What you need to know”. This course is designed for Payroll Coordinators, Personel representatives, Supervisors and anyone else at the college/department level that deals with payroll issues.

Some of the subjects that are covered during this workshop include:

  • Responsiblities of UPO and departments regarding payroll issues
  • General payroll policies and procedures
  • Overview of payroll processing, including tax calculation
  • Pay pro-rations, including 9 month appointments
  • Off-Cycle check requests
  • Salary overpayments
  • Non-Salary Compensation

To review a schedule of upcoming workshops and sign up, please refer to the Course listing section in the Training & Organization Development website.