Off-Cycle Check Procedure



The purpose of the off-cycle check procedure is to generate omitted payments to newly hired employees who were hired too late in the payroll cycle to meet the regular processing schedule. If the college/department entered the personnel action for a newly hired employee on or before the published cutoff date for the relevant pay period, the employee will be paid on the regularly scheduled payday.

All campus units are responsible for processing personnel actions/documents for their employees within published payroll deadlines. Off-cycle checks are an exception to regular payroll processing and should never be substituted for the timely processing of employees’ pay.

Note: Off-cycle checks must be requested; they are not produced automatically.

Processing Rules

The following rules apply for requesting off-cycle checks for newly hired employees:

For temporary biweekly employees:

The employee must work five (5) or more full days during their first biweekly period of employment and earn a minimum gross of $290.00 (based on current minimum wage X 40 hours; adjust accordingly for part-time employees).

For monthly employees:

The employee must work seven (7) or more full days during their first month of employment and earn a minimum gross of $594.00 (based on minimum full time annual salary for seven (7) work days or 56 hours; adjust accordingly for part-time employee).

All new employees:

Regardless of pay cycle, all new employees should be advised as to when they will receive their first paycheck. Newly hired employees who do not fall into the categories described above will be paid at the end of the following pay period.

Note: Off-cycle checks are issued on a delayed basis. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the off-cycle check procedure.

It is the responsibility of all campus units to ensure the timely processing of personnel actions/documents for their employees.


How to Request an Off-Cycle Check

Follow these procedures to request an off-cycle check

For temporary biweekly employees:

  • Be sure the required job assignment has been entered and approved
  • Enter the missing and/or corrected information into the system by noon of the published Off-Cycle Check Cutoff date.
  • Flag the ‘Off-Cycle Check’ box on the timesheet
  • You must call the Payroll Supervisor at 515-4355 prior to noon of the published Off-Cycle Check Cutoff date to notify her of the request.

For all other employees:

  • Complete the NC State University Request for an Off-Cycle Check and obtain all necessary signatures.
  • Be sure that all related backup (job actions), approvals, and system entries are completed.
  • Submit the completed, signed, ORIGINAL form, with all applicable backup, to the appropriate Central office by the fourth working day after the regular monthly pay date. The form will then be sent to the University Payroll Office to process.  Copies of the form will not be processed.

Note: All information must be completed and signatures are mandatory.

Off-Cycle Check Distribution

Off-cycle checks will be held in the University Payroll office for pickup by the employee.

  • For temporary biweekly employees: Checks are issued the Friday after the regularly scheduled pay date
  • For all other employees: Checks are issued the eleventh (11) workday following payday

Note: The Payroll Director must approve any deviations from the above pay schedule. Requests for an alternate distribution method must be made through the Payroll Supervisor.