Overdrawn Leave Processing



There are rules that govern the resolution of overdrawn leave balances, such as whether an employee is exempt from (EHRA) or subject to (SHRA) the State Human Resources Act. In addition, individual departments are allowed some discretion in handling the issue. However, all employee leave balances must be validated twice a year, in June and December, regardless of which leave tracking system is used.

SHRA employees may not begin the year with negative balances, therefore, for SHRA employees, overdrawn leave balances must be adjusted by payroll reduction in January and negative leave balances must be cleared from the leave system.


Processing a Paycheck Reduction

To enter overdrawn leave into Time and Labor, departments will do the following:

Access Time & Labor just like you do for entry of positive time (overtime, shift premium, academic supplement pay, etc.

  • Enter the appropriate employee’s ID number.
  • Enter a date where the employee is in active status (future dates are not permitted)
  • Select the proper overdrawn leave earnings code:
    • 175 SPA Overdrawn Leave
    • 185 LEORS Overdrawn Leave
    • 194 EPA Faculty Overdrawn Leave
    • 195 EPA Non-Faculty Overdrawn Leave
  • Enter the hours.  NOTE: Enter hours as a positive value.  This earnings code is set up with a multipler of -1.000, which will calculate the hours you enter as a negative amount.
    • Example:  Employee is overdrawn 25 hours.  Entry should be “25” hours.  The system will calculate it as 25 hours X hourly rate X -1.000 so do NOT enter it as a negative number.

Important Reminders:

  • If a separating employee has a negative leave balance, make sure those hours are entered for processing on their final check, in order to avoid an overpayment.
  • These negative earnings will show on your Compensating Control reports each month, along with the other items entered through Time & Labor.
  • Any corrections to overdrawn leave entries must be discussed, in advance, with the Payroll Supervisor at 919-515-4355.
  • Salary reductions for overdrawn leave are not interfaced with the University’s Web Leave System, so the department leave administrator will need to manually clear those hours from the Web Leave System.

Questions about the Leave System should be directed to the Benefits office.
Questions about entry into Time & Labor should be directed to your HRIM Specialist.