Our Vision

The University Controller’s goals are to advance NC State University as a leader in fiscal accountability and responsibility, in the construction of unparalleled confidence with our stakeholders, in the building of strong partnerships with our campus community and peer groups, and in improvements in the University’s financial systems and internal controls and the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. We look to the present and toward the future with attention to collaborative efforts and with confidence in providing fiscal leadership, oversight, accounting, reporting, training and outreach services that exemplify the highest standards of quality, performance, and service. Having professional staff and managers with imagination, knowledge and people skills are paramount in a successful implementation of these goals.

Specifically, the Controller’s Office has established the following initiatives to met these goals:

  • To strengthen communications with campus units and their knowledge of policies and procedures by improvements to information available on the WEB, by expanding proactive efforts to provide classroom discussion on accounting and compliance topics, and expanding outreach efforts.
  • To develop new accounting tools and computer solutions by automating the processes for recording inter-departmental transfers, by adding new features to our WEB travel application, and by changing manual forms to e-forms.
  • To maintain and improve accounting and reporting delivery systems by implementing the newest Financials upgrade, by implementing the invoice imaging system at the departmental level, by improving WEB based Credit Card / ACH capabilities, by expanding the P-card payment process, by implementing direct deposits capabilities for payments to vendors, by expanding the on-line billing capabilities for non-student accounts receivable, and by replacing the Capital Asset Management System with a new state of the art system.
  • To revise and strengthen accounting policies and procedures by annual evaluations that not only assesses the central office controls but also will provide for assessments of internal controls at the campus level.
  • To establish partnerships with campus to advance efficiencies and effectiveness of operations by outreach efforts, forum meetings, classroom training, improved information on the WEB, improved monitoring tools, and interaction with the University Business/Finance Officers.