Quarterly Overpayment Report


Four times a year, University Payroll prepares a listing of salary overpayments. In addition to providing the following information, these reports can be used as a “report card” to assess if your department has issues that need to be addressed such as getting job actions entered in a timely manner so that overpayments do not occur. The report includes:

  • Overpayments that were incurred during the previous quarter
  • Overpayments that were paid in full during the previous quarter
  • All remaining outstanding overpayments dating back to 1995

These reports are available to the colleges/departments via Reports2Web. Individual access is limited to your access level in the Human Resource System.

If you wish to be notified when the latest version of this report is available for your department to view, you can sign up to receive a notification email. This is accomplished by “subscribing” to that report. Simply log into “MyPack Portal” and follow these steps:

  • Log into Report2Web>Folders>Subscriptions>Add Subscription.

Once you have reviewed these reports, if you have information that could assist us in recouping the overpaid funds, please contact the Special Resources Coordinator.